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This is my fall '99 -- summer '00 project. It is comprised of an upper 25 gallon header pond falling two levels into a 100 gallon preformed middle pond. From there is drops to a small level stream (about 5 feet long) and finally falls into a free-formed liner pond of around 800 gallons. A 1200 gallon/hour magnetic drive pump recirculates the water back to the header pond to complete the circle.

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Quite possibly, one of my favorite photos.

Parrot's Feather in the foreground with tall Dwarf Bamboo and Cattails. On the right is Forget-Me-Not with some White Flag Iris in the background.

Providing a wonderful backdrop to these aquatic plants is Nelson County stone.

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Cool pastel look. 01F0_17.JPG (50112 bytes)
Progress as of November 29,1999

The waterfall and lower pond have been rocked-in and things are starting to take shape. There is about 3.5 tons of rock shown here and it still needs more.!

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Completion of the far wall of the lower pond. 6.jpg (47186 bytes)