PC Specs



Welcome to the Machine...

This computer is a custom-build TDN Technology Distribution Network model.

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bullet400Mhz Pentium II with 512k L2 cache
bulletGigabyte GA-6BXC Mainboard
bullet19" Optiquest V95 Monitor 1600x1280 resolution
bulletWestern Digital Caviar 10Gb UltraDMA EIDE HD Master
bulletMaxtor DiamondMax 8Gb UltraDMA EIDE HD Slave
bullet40x CD-ROM
bullet10x24x32 CD-RW from Plextor
bulletIomega Zip-100
bullet8 MB Matrox G-200 AGP Graphics Accelerator
bullet128 MB 8NS PC100 SDRAM
bullet3COM 3c905-TX Ethernet Adapter
bullet3COM 56K V.90 PCI Fax/Modem
bulletSound Blaster 128 PCI Sound Card
bulletAltec Lansing ACS-44 Speakers with Subwoofer
bulletDSL connection at 384k provided by www.intelos.net

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