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Shemya Air Force Base, Alaska

Later to be known as Eareckson Air Station

I wonder what brought you to this page. A page about a tiny piece of volcanic rock at the edge of the Bering Sea? An extremely remote place to be sure. 

I started this page after finding an old photo album that started me reminiscing about my time served on "The Rock".  I spent a year there from December 19, 1985 to December 18, 1986.

Now closed and in caretaker status since April 1, 1995 with the end of the cold war. The Air Force News Agency has an article about the logistics of the closing.

If you've an alumnus, please drop me a note. Many thanks to those who have written, I have not been very responsive, but truly enjoy hearing your memories and experiences. I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors, so far the visitors have spanned from World War II through the actual closing of the base -- even a few who still visit there now.

Photo Journals

These have always been some of my favorite images, and don't get viewed often enough when buried in the photo albums. I've enlarged a few to frame, but now I get to share them. Some of my best stuff is on 35mm slides and I haven't figured out yet just how I'm going to get them into the digital world.

I will try to work on the image download times. Some of the graphics are a bit slow...but if you've spent time there, you can stand to wait a little while. Let's see, how many days left now...?

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