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'Scapes - Land & Sea

Same as title image. Another of my favorites, looks very nice blown-up with all the details that don't survive the web. I'm afraid there are lots of rolls with seascapes -- many are quite repetitive, but there are a few that really click with me. This is one.
View from the southeast corner, near the docks, looking toward the Cobra Dane.
Seascape 03 Another favorite, without the sea bird it just doesn't work. This was one of my favorite beaches, so I have a lot of these. Judging by the color of the tundra, it must be winter.
Sub Dock.gif (62k) Evidence of a dock on the east side of the island, I always heard it referred to as "the submarine dock". This image somehow captures a sense of the history and loneliness at the same time.
wpe11.gif (7361 bytes) View of the BMEWS [Ballistic Missle Early Warning System] radars. Thanks to all of you that identified these for me.

There seemed to be odd bits of technology, obsolete or otherwise, all over the island. I really like the juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made in this shot.

Beach NorthEast Spring time  in the Arctic, view looking from cliff on the Northeast corner of the island. I think this may have been taken close to "cable hill" or the "Beach House" that we used for parties.
Seascape - Rye Grass I have several of these but the wind was blowing so hard (surprise!) that the seed head and stalk are a bit blurry in all of them. I thought the flash would freeze the movement, still I like the effect.
I remember the incredibly vivid colors and the strange cast caught between squalls. Even as I was taking the photo, I knew the majesty of the moment would not transfer to film...but I remember it well. I took the shot with a small Olympus A-3 fold-up that I used to carry in the pocket of my ever-present parka, NB-3s weren't they?