Goin' Home
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Happiness is:  the Reever comin' to take you home again.

A short series of images taken while boarding one of Bob Reeve's contract shuttles from Reeve Aleutian Airways, more commonly known as the Reevers.  It seems odd to call a 1500 mile trip back to Anchorage a "shuttle".

"The Plane that Took Me Home" taxiing up to the terminal.
The rear of my salvation plane, taken from the terminal building. We were between squalls on the leading edge of a strong Siberian storm -- what the Aleuts call a williwaw --  just then, and my buddies at the weather station, are telling me if we don't get out of here soon, we may not leave today at all. I never did find out if they were kidding or not, but please, please, please don't make me stay another day!
Both shoes on the runway, just a few more feet now...
Ahh... The guy in uniform is the same guy I roomed with back in Anchorage on the way out here. How many centuries ago was that? If you look closely you can see the snow starting as we lean against the wind. I remember thinking that I might be feeling my last Siberian breeze. Quite an improptu cheer arose when the wheels left the runway.