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balloonlaunch.jpg (64548 bytes) Rawinsonde Balloon Launch

Note the racks of helium tanks behind the balloon. The Cobra Dane is visible in the distance, at the far right.

balloonflight.jpg (107778 bytes) In Flight
recrec_shane.jpg (95747 bytes) Rec-Rec [Recorder Record?]

My ex-roomie Shane Farrow.

recrec_jay.jpg (90116 bytes) Jay! Or should I say, J!
CobraDane02.jpg (74971 bytes) Cobra Dane - A view from Alcan Cove (?) close to the beached barge.

This was one of the rare bright and sunny days, but don't think for a minute that the wind wasn't blowing -- hard. Note the black sand on the beach in the foreground.

CobraDaneCliff01.jpg (51562 bytes)  
sunrise01b.jpg (14036 bytes) Sunrise over the Pacific