Arctic Foxes
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Arctic Foxes

Most of my good shots are on 35mm slides, I blew up a few but they are on 11x14" stock and my scanner won't handle anything that big. Still, these should bring back memories for you, or introduce you to one of the original inhabitants of the island.

They were brought here in the late 1700's by Russian fur trappers to colonize for later harvesting. They have survived and even prospered -- I wonder if they miss all the people...and free handouts.

foxes_01.jpg (35893 bytes) This one was still a little people shy, but very curious. I watched her romp around hunting for food for quite a while
foxes_02.jpg (29916 bytes) Close-up of the same fox. The depth of field is a bit shallow and the focus is not as sharp around the eyes as I would like, but it still one of my favorites. I think this is one of the first I shot with a new 300mm telephoto lens.
foxes_04.jpg (27836 bytes) Some would eat right out of your hand, they trotted around like they owned the place.